Streaming Courses

This resource library has been created to facilitate the sharing of information with all interested parties in a timely and controlled way for use in presentations where Nadcap and other PRI programs are referenced. For that reason, there is no branding on these modules and they are deliberately concise: they are not intended to be stand-alone presentations. The information is updated regularly but if you have any questions, please Contact Us.


This tab contains a listing of PRI Training training videos.

  1. View the Introduction to Coatings training video by PRI Coatings Staff Engineer, Justin Rausch

NADCAP Meetings

This tab contains documentation on past and upcoming NADCAP Meeting .

  1. No information available at this time


This tab contains an archive of PRI Training Whitepapers.

Quality Articles and Business Improvement Advice and Links

  1. How to Get the Most from Training - tips to reinforce learning.
  2. Strategies for Modern Leaders - how to recognize the value of training as part of company culture.
  3. Learning how to learn - ten steps to help organisations maximise the impact of learning.
  4. Improving Employee Engagement - a study on how to engage your employees through training in order to boost productivity.
  5. NADCAP Audit Process - Provides an overview of the steps required to successfully achieve Nadcap accreditation.