About Us

About Us

PRI Training

PRI Training offers professional development programs and managed learning resources to improve the quality of personnel, products and processes through public and onsite courses and memberships.

PRI Training is managed by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute (PRI), which also administers the Nadcap audit and accreditation program for the global aerospace industry.

The PRI Training program was launched in 2008, with subscribing organizations within Nadcap endorsing the training courses. While PRI offered limited professional development courses prior to 2008, the establishment of PRI Training has led to the development of a greater number of courses in more diverse technical specializations. Many courses have been translated into multiple languages to meet customer need.

PRI Training offers Four core tracks of learning:

  1. Quality Related – The general quality courses provide an understanding of key quality principles
  2. Nadcap Audit Preparation – The Nadcap Audit Preparation courses are designed to provide a complete overview of Nadcap requirements related to a Nadcap audit
  3. Nadcap Audit Criteria Review – Designed to provide a complete overview of Nadcap requirements related to a Nadcap audit, taught by a Nadcap expert
  4. Special Process – Focused on improving skills and competencies in the aerospace workforce across a number of different special processes.

Courses are available in a range of formats from public sessions, to onsite sessions customized for delivery at company facilities, and webinars. There is a style to suit everyone’s training needs. The range and diversity of courses offered means that whether you are new to the aerospace quality field or if you have been in aerospace quality for a while, there is a course to suit you.

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